4D Cabinets Testimonial

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4D Cabinets

4D Cabinets is a small cabinet making business located on picturesque Hindmarsh Island in South Australia. It is owned and operated by wife and husband team Briony & Lee Ford. After meeting whilst working on kitchens together, it has always been the couples’ dream to own their own cabinetry business.

With over 23 years in the industry, Briony has worked for a range of cabinet making companies from large commercial joineries to smaller workshops, working hard to earn respect in a male dominated industry. Along the way, Briony learnt all the ins and outs and how much work is really involved in a cabinet making business – from answering phones, dealing with clients, designing, ordering, deliveries and of course the actual cabinetry work!

When looking into opening her own business, Briony researched a number of different options to help the business get started. “I considered getting a second hand saw and edge bander but I really didn’t want to outlay big dollars for machinery and packs of board and edge strips to begin with,” Briony explains.

A friend then recommended that Briony get in touch with Goolwa Kitchens & Wardrobes who were using goCabinets, a great new online ordering system.

Briony met up with Ben from Goolwa Kitchens & Wardrobes who introduced her to the system and signed her up as one of his clients. goCabinets suited 4D Cabinets perfectly and meant that Briony was able to order cabinetry instantly without any major overheads.

goCabinets gives Briony the flexibility that is needed as a small business owner. “If I get interrupted by a phone call it’s OK, everything is saved on the cloud and I can come back to it at any time,” says Briony, “I like that I can look back on previous jobs, or ones that I have just quoted on”.

Quoting times have also been reduced drastically thanks to goCabinets. In past positions Briony would have had to work out parts, sheet sizes and how many rolls of edging are needed for a job. Then it would be ordered, cut and bored before being lugged to a job site…. “I don’t think I would like to go back to doing that,” Briony admits, “I’ve got it easy now as a cabinetmaker.”

Other benefits of goCabinets according to Briony? “The huge range of colours and choices that are available adds to the flexibility of the online system. The capability to set up and save room specifics is also a great feature that saves me from entering the same information more than once.”

Briony also loves the fact that she can access goCabinets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “If I’m flat out with clients all day, I can jump on at 10pm at night after I’ve put my daughter to bed. Or if something pops into my head while I’m meant to be asleep, it’s so easy to just log on and change it.”

“goCabinets is a great service to an ever changing industry. No one seems to have much time anymore. Any time saved is money and stress saved,” Briony says, “Using goCabinets results in a win-win situation for all users. Thank you for helping us little small business people out!”


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