Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss

With business closures and reduced staff hours, many Australians have turned towards starting their own business and becoming their own boss. Is this a guarantee of success?

There’s uncertainty in building your own business. Sometimes the trickiest aspect is knowing where to start. You need to look inwards at yourself and identify your own assets and passion. What skills and traits do you have that you can translate into a business AND what is something that you have enough passion for that will keep you motivated?

You may identify what you are good at and it may be something you’re really passionate about but is it something that will lead to success? This is where you need to look outwards at the world and the market around you. What do people actually need? How are they currently getting this provided and is there room for you?  

Where are people looking? 

As people are spending more time around the home, they’re spotting those projects that need to get done. That new pantry they’ve always wanted or those cupboard doors that are in desperate need of replacing. While they’re faced with these projects, they may still not have the time to do anything about it themselves. This is where opportunity knocks for those that are handy with some tools. 

How can I start? 

There’s a variety of options depending on what you’re after. Franchises of all sorts have seen a boost in sign-ups recently as people look to an established brand name to support them. However, building that initial investment required is easier said than done. This can be said for plenty of independent business start-ups too. Plenty of assets and equipment are required for a lot of business types. However, just some tools, a pair of hands and a brain can still get you quickly up and running. 

If you have the ability and drive to find projects, goCabinets is the free online platform that can help you quote and supply your project’s cabinetry requirements. 

With goCabinets you can instantly quote a full room of custom cabinetry or just a few panels. Enter the exact measurements you require to generate an instant quote, mark-up for your client and have your project cut locally by an independent manufacturer. 

With plenty of projects to be found, you’ll be able to supply them. 

With any business, your investment isn’t just financial. Your time and effort go a long way to building success. You can find advice, support and great initiatives but without your own effort to plan effectively, work hard and put in the extra yards, success will remain out of reach. 

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