Staying Aware and Avoiding Complacency

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staying aware

The classic story of the tortoise and the hare wards us off over-confidence and complacency. Even the fastest and seemingly best operator can lose the race if they stay still for too long. Reliance on expectation and past-results should never be your chosen attitude. The case should ALWAYS be that you are looking at what is happening around you. The hare didn’t open his eyes until the tortoise had already claimed victory.

This industry is one of extreme progression. New tools and automations continually arise and it is worth acknowledging and exploring any of them. They might not all be the solution for your business but if you’re too late to adopt the solution that is, you may find yourself falling behind the tortoise.

If you are already a goCabinets user, then you know the benefits of acknowledging an opportunity when it’s presented. Without that step, you might still be spending hours or days waiting on quotes, or maybe you would still be cutting all of your projects by hand.

To make sure you can keep an eye on the industry, we've outlined 4 minimum resources that can assist.

Subscribe to Industry Newsletters and Magazines

There's plenty of trade-related magazines and newsletters out there, and many of them are free to subscribe to. Also, if there's a particular business you'd like to keep updated on, many organisations run their own email newsletters too. You can join goCabinets' newsletter at the bottom of our page.

General Search

Google is your friend. A simple search of "Joinery industry news" or "events" will link to plenty of blogs and news stories. You may need to filter through some rubbish but there's plenty of gold to be found.

Events and Expos

An obvious suggestion. The biggest and the best brands scramble to show off their latest innovations to the masses. The best place to get some knowledge (and usually a few goodies) is at the next event near you.

Communicate With Peers 

Get on the phone with the people you know. Suppliers, technicians, the cabbie down the road. They might have word of something interesting or have a new recommendation. There's also plenty of social media groups that share advice and tips.

Businesses all across Australia are finding their opportunities constantly, whether it be through online ordering, design, administration tools, or even online courses and training. There are thousands of new and impactful tools to be aware of and if you stay complacent and sleep on them all, you might lose your chance to lead the pack.

Cabinets by Computer is the team behind goCabinets and we pride ourselves on the extensive range of solutions we offer for small to large cabinet makers and tradesmen. If you want to explore opportunities for growth in your business, get in touch with our team today for a friendly discussion or some content to review over the break.

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