goCabinets CNC manufacturing software streamlines how your receive and process orders

goCabinets provides the customisable ordering solution for cut-to-size manufacturers that seamlessly integrates into your manufacturing process to diminish time & effort spent quoting and transitioning an order for cutting. This platform has been designed to be completely customisable and can be adapted to feature your logo and colour scheme, as well as all your own pricing and product range.


Accept the jobs you want.

goCabinets can be customised to suit your manufacturing business. If your machines and equipment are suited to certain types of projects then this can be customised into goCabinets so you don't receive orders from goCabinets members which you are not suited to.

Great training and support.

goCabinets offers many supportive features with our manufacturers. Receive extensive one on one training upon installation with on-going support..

A flexible solution.

Change your offering when suitable. Provide delivery, assembly or add your own unique services with associated pricing. Even individual hardware or alternative products can be offered via the platform.

Extensive Specification.

Your front-end platform will allow clients to specify height, width, depth, margins, and more down to the nearest decimal place.

Automate your ordering. Cut out quoting times.

The platform automates your processes by generating real-time quotes for your clients, specific to your set pricing and their entered specifications.

You will receive an instant email notification whenever an order has been placed with your business. Simply open the job by following the link in your email, approve it and process it through the goCabinets software in a matter of minutes. This ensures the job is fully optimised for your specific machinery. Our system eliminates the quoting, double handling and any need to do a CNC cut list.

Streamline your process.

As clients process orders and quotes individually, your involvement doesn’t need to start until a job is submitted for your approval and production. Reduce the costs and effort of bargaining against competitors and dealing with time wasters.

Want to get started with goCabinets?

If you're interested in using goCabinets with your manufacturing, we would love to hear from you. Call us on  (03) 5254 3274, send us an enquiry or email direct at: info@gocabinets.com.au