goCabinets CNC manufacturing software will help you increase your production and profit.

goCabinets software is more than a great tool for professional cabinet makers and builders – It is a fantastic business opportunity for CNC manufacturers who want to increase production and profits. Our online software will open up your doors to 1,000’s of potential jobs and missed business opportunities by connecting goCabinets members directly to you. Our software engineers have designed goCabinets to be easily integrated into your manufacturing processes.

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Cut out quoting times.

Preset all your prices for cabinetry products, CNC production costs and profit margins. Once you are in the goCabinets system, let goCabinets online ordering software handle the hard quoting for you. The software engineers at goCabinets have developed our system so precisely, we can produce cost accurate quotes down to the final millimeter.

Accept the jobs you want.

goCabinets can be customised to suit your manufacturing business. If your machines and equipment are suited to certain types of projects then this can be customised into goCabinets so you don’t receive orders from goCabinets members which you are not suited to.

Great training and support.

goCabinets offers many supportive features with our manufacturers. All goCabinets manufacturers will receive extensive one on one training from our talented goCabinets staff. Your training will take you through every step of goCabinets so we can make sure it is set up to suit your business. Once you are set up and running we don’t forget you, if you have any issues we have both online and offline support.

Connect to new business.

Becoming a manufacturer for goCabinets members is easy, goCabinets can bring a new line of business through your doors. Imagine this – you don’t need a sales person to win the goCabinets business. Our online software directly connects your services to our constantly growing group of builders, carpenters and cabinet makers. Why spend thousands of dollars with advertising and sales people when our goCabinet members have access to your services straight away?

Fair Business.

goCabinets maximises your project efficiency and minimises your costs. We believe in fair business and correct business ethics, this is why we use a competitive sliding variable commission. This costs helps pay for credit card processing fees, merchant account fees, site improvements, hosting bandwidth, our support staff, automated email marketing, etc

Automate your ordering processing & manufacturing

goCabinets speeds up both your quoting and production times significantly. Automate your processes by providing real time quotes, specific to your costs. But most importantly, do it in an instant without the project management time, client liaison and time costly changes and additions to the project.

You will receive an instant email notification whenever an order has been placed with your business. Simply open the job by following the link in your email, approve it and process it through the goCabinets software in a matter of minutes. This ensures the job is fully optimised for your specific machinery. Our system eliminates the quoting, double handling and any need to do a CNC cut list.

Watch the jobs come in.

The goCabinets manufacturer software allows quotes to be generated automatically in real time using your pricing – all behind the scenes.  Reduce the costs of marketing, bargaining with competitors and dealing with tyre kickers. Each project that comes through the goCabinets online system is ready to go, ready to cut and ready to invoice.

What are the costs?

There is a once off set-up cost associated with becoming a goCabinet manufacturer, the cost includes the following:

  • Software set-up and customisation to suit your business
  • Software training (allow about 8 hours)
  • On-going support (both online and offline)
  • On-going software development and improvements

If you would like to find out more about the costs of goCabinets please contact our team on (03) 5254 3274.

Are there on-going costs?

goCabinets also receive a very small percentage from the orders which are placed through your company. Once again we can talk about the specifics of this when we meet in person. We find once a potential goCabinets manufacturer sees how seamless our software integrates into their system, the costs for such an innovative idea is soon forgotten as the benefits take over. The beauty of this system is goCabinets only get paid when you receive orders.

Want to become a goCabinets manufacturer?

If you’re interested in becoming a goCabinets manufacturer, we would love to hear from you. Call us on  (03) 5254 3274, send us an enquiry or email direct at: info@gocabinets.com.au