How to Sell a Kitchen

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Sold kitchen

Multiple surveys during the past ten years have all arrived at the same conclusion, the most popular room in the house is the kitchen. The kitchen has also topped the charts as the most used room and also ranks number one as the most expensive room.

So how does this information help you sell a kitchen? Well think of it this way, a cabinet maker or kitchen designer has a meeting with a client. The client is discussing what they want but soon realise their expectations are much bigger than their assigned budget. How do you get your client to find more room in their budget? Simply use these tips to help you up-sell your next kitchen sale.

1. Great Value: So how do you perceive great value? Is it when you feel like you are getting a bargain eg. 30% off sale? Or do you look at how much you will use your new purchase and validate the value based on the amount of use it will get? If you do, just remind your client the kitchen is the most used room in your house. A kitchen’s value can be judged by its use, why spend $10,000 on a spa you use once a week, when you could spend an extra $10,000 on making your dream kitchen come to life. A kitchen you use everyday.


2. Personality: You might not realise it but kitchens are an extension of people’s personalities. Many budding chefs see the kitchen as a place to express their personality. If you think we are wrong then check out the success of all the reality cooking shows. My Kitchen Rules, Masterchef, The Iron Chef and Hells Kitchen have huge ratings success.

So how do you use personality to up-sell a kitchen? No two kitchens should look the same. Make your kitchen your very own one-of-a-kind kitchen you are proud of. Remind your client how many days, weeks, months, years they will spend looking at their kitchen design and be grateful they didn’t skimp on the imported gold infused stone bench top with matching gold plated handles.

3. Socialising: You know the story, you design a new house, it has a glorious dining room just off from the living area, designed specifically for those dinner parties you plan on having. Problem is, at your dinner parties everyone congregates around the kitchen, sitting on the perfectly located (close to the fridge) breakfast bar stools. Why is this? Popular opinion is people will congregate where they feel most comfortable and kitchens are a comforting place to be. Beyond that some things are too difficult to explain, so perhaps lets just say kitchens are a good place to chat.


4. Ego: There are two rooms in the house where you can make a statement about how much money you have, one is the bathroom (which almost hardly anyone gets to see) and the other is the kitchen which is as we know the nerve centre of the house. So if your client looks like the “look at me” type, play to their ego and mention only the most discerning clients appreciate the quality of this finish.

We hope this information will give you the edge when turning a $12,000 run of the mill kitchen sale into a $35,000 ‘would you like fries with that’ sale. Don’t forget most people make decisions based on emotion, get them excited and make them feel proud of the kitchen they could own. Oh, before we finish up if you were wondering what the most disliked room in the house is, the answer is the laundry.

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