1. The goCabinets website serves as the software connecting cabinet makers, builders and other users (members) to CNC Manufacturers for ease of ordering.
  2. All orders placed through the goCabinets interface are a direct contract of sale between the user (member) and the the manufacturer to whom the member’s account is aligned with, and does not in any way include obligations from goCabinets or Cabinets by Computer.
  3. By signing up to goCabinets, the user (member) agrees to goCabinets passing information provided on to a manufacturer. goCabinets will take reasonable measures to ensure the security of all personal information.
  4. By signing up to goCabinets, the user (member) agrees to join the allocated manufacturer’s mailing list to be notified of product updates, account changes and occasional promotions.
  5.  The Manufacturer 1 account is a default manufacturer that serves to provide an example of the goCabinets software. Any jobs submitted to Manufacturer 1 will be considered complete and may be passed on to a manufacturer for completion.
  6. Prices may vary between goCabinets Manufacturer 1 to when a job is transferred to a CNC manufacturer. goCabinets does not make any price guarantees under the manufacturer1 account.
  7. A job may be un-submitted for further editing at no charge only until it is accepted by the manufacturer.
  8. Once a job has been submitted to and is accepted by a manufacturer, it is considered complete and the user will be charged the quoted fee.
  9. goCabinets takes no responsibility for any details of the order once a member has been assigned to a manufacturer. Where prices vary, the member will be given a choice on whether they wish to leave a job submitted.
  10. goCabinets takes no responsibility for the timeliness, quality or price of products provided. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the products they order are to their specifications. Any issues that arise to do with products will be between the manufacturer and the member. goCabinets strives to ensure that all manufacturers are reputable and provide quality products.
  11. All payments due are subject to agreement and terms set between the member and manufacturer. Fees and charges may vary depending on the manufacturer.
  12. Manufacturers reserve the right to make changes to products and price information on the goCabinets software at any time without notice to member.
  13. goCabinets receives fees for use of the software from participating manufacturers. Members are not required to pay for the use of the goCabinets website or software.
  14. All prices are quoted in Australian dollars. Prices are subject to change at any time and may vary depending on payment method. goCabinets strives to provide up-to-date information on products and pricing but accuracy is not guaranteed at all times.
  15. goCabinets aims to provide a cutting edge system for all website users. Constant improvements and developments in software mean that the website and the content of the website is subject to change at any time, without notice.
  16. Any pricing errors that arise from bugs/malfunctions in the goCabinets ordering system will not be honoured. Your original payment will be returned and re-negotiated at the correct pricing. The customer may accept to purchase their items at the new price, or can choose to cancel order and retain refunded payment. Ultimate discrection over pricing will remain with your aligned manufacturer.
  17. By agreeing to the goCabinets terms and conditions, the member accepts the terms and conditions of the manufacturer that they are assigned to.
  18. This website is for use by Australian residents and people aged 18 years and over.