Give and Take: Understanding Priorities of a New Client

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In this highly competitive and commercial world, consumers are faced with common occurrences of "give and take". Prioritizing between price, quality, and so many other factors to determine the end product they receive.
This is the case in practically all industries. This could be the resolution on your new 70" Flatscreen is a bit off because you paid a few hundred dollars rather than the thousands expected for a higher brand. You got the big TV you wanted and it came at a cheaper price but there just isn't that same quality.
Consumers have their key values and obviously they need to prioritize what is most important to them. However, if a business is able to tick as many relevant boxes as possible and reduce the sacrifice a consumer makes then they can go so much closer to being the obvious choice for potential customers.
Cabinet making is no different, just as many would know. There are multiple factors that affect how a home owner chooses to go about renovating their new kitchen or bathroom.


Undervalued by some. Patience is a virtue. I'm sure many tradespeople are well aware of how little patience there is among the general public. "How long is this going to take?" Depending on the size of the job, there's not much that can be done about the installation and assembly process. However, how long do they have to wait before receiving their quote for the job? Will homeowners be waiting weeks for materials and supplies to be ordered and delivered before construction starts?
At goCabinets, we've seen how important timeliness is to getting jobs across the line. It's why we incorporated instant quoting in our ordering system. We want to allow tradesmen and cabinetmakers to price up a job as soon as possible for their clients. It's also a major factor in our streamlined backend that allows manufacturers to instantly download an order directly to their machines for cutting.


This is often the big one. It's also the most clear and visible aspect to a client. An exact value that has potential to either drive a homeowner for the hills or leave them thinking "too good to be true".


An obvious factor that needs little explanation. A new kitchen or bathroom is a big investment and most homeowners would be expecting a lasting product.Obviously goes hand in hand with price. The more to pay the higher quality you would expect.
That was three obvious aspects that play a big role in how consumers and clients make their final decisions. There's plenty more that are equally important from customer service through to brand perceptions. The tricky part is figuring out how big a slice each factor takes in an individual's mind. That's where a simple conversation can elicit so much information.
An offering isn't universal. You shouldn't be sacrificing your quality to offer a cheap product but perhaps there are certain factors that could have a reduced slice of the pie to assist a particular money focused client. In the same regard, perhaps there is a client that may be willing to sacrifice savings for a more prompt completion or more value added experience.
Everyone has unique priorities. Some are more common than others but if you don't seek the most important factors to the individual you may miss the opportunity to win the client, up-sell the job or simply leave a fully satisfied customer.

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