4 Time-Saving Tips and Computer Tools You Must be Using

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It’s amazing how much time is regularly spent (or wasted) with “quick processes”. There are processes that leave you waiting minutes, hours, or even days for a response, and then there are processes that can only take up a few seconds of your time. However, if this is a regular task, those few seconds can quickly compile into hours of time wasted.

The purpose of this list is to identify crucial tips and tricks on your computer that you can start using today to make your processes faster and cut down on wasted time in your day.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Everybody loves a good shortcut, and your computer knows it too. A few simple presses on your keyboard can quickly achieve what normally requires several clicks and drags of the mouse.

We've compiled some of our favourite Windows based keyboard shortcuts below. Some are quite common and you may already use quite regularly, but others are slightly more unknown but just as helpful.

Ctrl + C

Copy (easily copy selected text or an image to be pasted into another document or space later)

Ctrl + V

Paste (Quickly paste content that has most recently been copied)

Win + V

View clipboard (View your whole recent history of content and items that you have “copied”)

Ctrl + T

New tab (Open a new tab in your internet browser)

Wind + Tab

Timeline (see history of apps and files you’ve been working on)

Password Managers

Just about every website requires you to login to an account these days. Each of these accounts then requires you to set and remember a password. When it comes to security, there are a few big “Don’t’s” that are recommended.

  • Don’t use the same password multiple times.
  • Don’t use the browser auto-save function (don’t click “remember me”) for important passwords in your browser

If you follow these rules, then you may find yourself spending a lot of time trying to recall your passwords or even resetting passwords on a regular basis. This is why we recommend using a Password Manager. A password manager is a tool that allows you to manage and save passwords, however, it is much more secure. It creates and remembers strong passwords for you, and can automatically fill in your login credentials when you visit a website. This reduces the risk of using weak passwords or reusing passwords across multiple accounts.


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"Pin" or "Bookmark" Your Most Used Websites and Applications

We all have websites or applications that we regularly visit. Having to type these into your address or task bar over and over again adds up to a lot of time spent over the long term.
This is where the ability to pin applications or websites makes it fast and easy to get started with your regular tasks.

Simply right-click on an open tab in your browser, Select "Pin" and it will become a permanent tab accessible on the top of your browser.

Simply "right-click" on an application, Select "Pin to taskbar" and it will become a permanent part of your taskbar for fast, future access.

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