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Ladie Tradie on goCabinets

"So much easier"

“A lot easier, it was a lot simpler for me,” explained Laura, aka Ladie Tradie, about using the goCabinets ordering system. “I’m still learning how to make goCabinets do what I want it to do, but already it probably takes off ¾ of the amount of time that it was taking me.”

Laura started using goCabinets at the beginning of 2023. Prior to this, Laura's local board cutter required her to manually fill out and send a cutting list. “A lot of mistakes were getting made on my end, and even on the other end. It’s just that mistakes were happening with the cutting lists and it was really starting to frustrate me,” says Laura on what motivated her to look at other ordering options.

“When the board-cutter got busy, it was getting harder and harder for me to be able to make sure that everything was right. And don’t get me wrong, my original manufacturer is great, and I'll send work his way when I can, I'm just finding this process so much more intuitive to work with, and a lot faster with less mistakes”

Her previous process of ordering cabinets involved Laura calculating all the measurements and inserting them into a cutting sheet. “And then you had to make a separate list again for the colour board. So you could get your white board cupboards right, but then you muck up your colour board,” explained Laura. “I would spend probably two days doing it. Write it all out. Leave it until the next day, double check it and make sure I was happy with it. But even then, I still didn’t pick up certain mistakes, it was just too much.”

Ladie Tradie at work

On her first experience of using goCabinets, Laura says, “It was pretty good. It pretty much told me and talked me through how to use it and the whole process, which was really helpful. It basically gave me a tutorial and rundown on how to put in your cupboards and things like that. Which was really helpful to me, jumping in from a completely different process.”

Ladie Tradie

Laura particularly liked the manufacturer’s timeline associated with each order. “You can see how far along they are with your order, and they automatically click a button when they have finished cutting. Then you get a text message or an email saying that they’re finished.The manufacturer that I have been set up with is fantastic! He knows how goCabinets works because he obviously cuts off it all the time.”

“The whole process, going from quoting to actually locking in a job and then ordering, is a lot faster”, says Laura about goCabinets. “Especially because it had all the drawer runners figured out from the start. And the cupboards, with the doors already on it, it figures that all out. It’s so much easier!”


The goCabinets user interface offers users great functionality that help streamline your quoting and ordering process. These include instant quoting, generating ordering lists, a search function when specifying cabinet materials and live notifications of order progression. To learn more about goCabinets click here.    


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