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“I can have a quote knocked out in 20 minutes!”

“It’s really a simple and convenient online facility to custom design a kitchen or laundry or any other thing that requires some cabinetry,” explains Rob from Hire A Hubby Cranbourne. “It’s really a low cost way to order your own customised cabinetry.”

Before ordering online with goCabinets, Rob would be ordering his cabinetry from a local cabinet maker. “I was using other cabinet suppliers who had their own in-house design team who did drawings. But no online quoting capability.”


”I would have some basic drawing. Send that to them, and their designer would have done the proper drawings and sent it through to me to approve. Generally, that would take many weeks to process.” states Rob on the ordering process that he used to follow. “Especially before Covid, the builders were flat out. The cabinet designers had weeks of work in front of them. So it could be two to three weeks to get designs and quotes drawn up.”

Creating quotes with goCabinets was much easier for Rob. “It was far more convenient”, he says. “I would go online and in a few minutes I’d select materials, draw up the cabinetry that I needed and have a price. The more I used the system, the faster I got at it.’

When asked to roughly quantify the difference between manual ordering and ordering online, Rob says, “Depending on the complexity of the drawing, I could do them in half an hour. Using the old way, depending on how busy the designer was, it could be 2 to 3 weeks.”


“I’m not technically advanced,” explains Rob, “but I was able to stumble my way through it. The basic system was quite simple to use and the more I used it, the more features I found. My ability to use it got quicker and quicker and I was able to access more features on it.” Rob didn’t use the online tutorials but he did contact the online support, which he described as “great”.


When chatting about the impact that goCabinets has had on his business, Rob had this to say -”The main thing is the time in which we can turn around and get a quote done. So we’re not waiting three or four weeks for a quote from a cabinet-makers. He already has 15 or 20 jobs in front of him. So the big plus is that we can get a very rapid quote out.”


“So the system is pretty good and easy to use. It gives you things like, straight away you can look at production times. So when you’re doing a quote, you can automatically look to see what the production ETA is of the supplier.”


When asked for the advice he’d give to someone considering using goCabinets, Rob states, “It will get you into the game without having a huge investment of money or resources.”


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