5 Questions to Answer Before Looking at Change | Part 1

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5 Qs _ Change
We’ve previously identified the importance of change and ways that you can keep up to date with the changes around you, but in this piece we want to explore how you should determine if a specific change is right for you and when you need to make a change.
There should be a reason for any change you make, whether it be large or small. The worst response to the question “Why are you doing this?” is “I don’t know” or “just because”. A common reason for making a change is because “everyone else is”, which is a fine enough reason, as long as you understand why the majority are making the change and how it applies to you. goCabinets recently undertook one of our largest projects ever, in order to change the look and feel of the ordering portal. We're eagerly awaiting it's full release, coming soon. You can guarantee that we didn’t make these changes “just because”. There are some core questions you need to ask and answer yourself before you undertake a change and we’ll break some of these down for you below, as well as relate this information to examples from our own recent change.

Is there a problem with my current situation?

This is a major question that makes reasons for a change pretty self explanatory. If there is something drastically wrong happening currently in your business that is controllable, then it is likely you need to look at a change. If you’re finding yourself losing money or working yourself to the bone without direction or an indication of improvement, then change is likely crucial. Perhaps it’s not as drastic as that. Maybe there are certain processes that are taking up slightly more time than you prefer, or a level of wastage that is exceeding your ideal level. You need to determine whether there is a suitable change that can address some of these problems. In the case of the goCabinets classic portal, there are no drastic problems. More and more users are ordering (and ordering AGAIN) each day. However, we did identify that despite everything running quite well and effectively, there was room for improvement. This leads to the next question...

Can I be doing things better?

Although you may not have any issue with how you are currently doing things, you should always have an eye on improvement. Is there an opportunity to make something faster, more attractive, easier to use? These are the exact questions that we asked about the goCabinets ordering portal and we determined that “yes”, we could do all of this and more. As such, we began our plan to discuss and draft potential changes for the platform. Investigate your ideal situation, and then explore what options are available to bring that closer to reality.
After identifying the need for change or potential improvements in your operation, it becomes the step to decide what change you are going to make and assess whether a specific change is worth making. We will address this and ask some more crucial questions in our follow-up article. Want to learn more about the changes to the goCabinets ordering portal? Checkout our new walkthrough videos.
The new interface of goCabinets is live and accessible now! Upon your next log-in you will be prompted to make the switch. Feel free to contact the team at Info@gocabinets.com.au with any feedback.

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