4 Business Types Thriving Because of Online Ordering Part 1

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business thriving part 1
Thousands of Australians are capitalizing on the convenience gained through online ordering, particularly those using the goCabinets online ordering system for custom cabinetry products. We’ve narrowed down on the core benefits and capabilities that are helping 4 different business types find success online. In this first part article, see how both Handymen and Designers are thriving.


A handyman is generally a streamlined and efficient operator able to rely on just experience, a vehicle, and an assortment of handy tools. The main beauty of this is that a handyman can remain agile, on the move and avoid some of the larger investments associated with joineries and other businesses in the industry (factory, machinery etc). Online ordering and goCabinets compliments this lifestyle perfectly. A handyman gains connection to state-of-the-art machinery, a large production capacity, and can arrange delivery direct to the site of their client. A measuring or installation quote for a client can easily be expanded to a quote for order & supply.


While primarily a designer’s talents lie in bringing a renovation or build to life on paper and screen, it has become increasingly more commonplace for designers to get involved in the transition from concept to reality. After all, a designer has been there from the beginning and knows the design like the back of their hand, why shouldn’t they capitialise to expand their service through online ordering? Online ordering through the goCabinets platform has simplified this process even further by removing the need to submit cutting lists or wait days for a quote. The online platform allows you to enter your exact specifications for units and instantly generate a corresponding quote, making it easier for designers to provide a quote for their design AND the supply of product for their clients.
If you're a designer or handyman, then goCabinets is definitely a convenient, viable opportunity to enhance your service and provide even further value to your clients. Get in touch or explore further below.
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